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Publication Year: 2006 Product Type: Textbook
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Search Engine Optimization : An Hour a Day by Jennifer Grappone and Gradiva…

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* There are several ways to influence search engine results, ranging from optimizing Web sites to instituting pay-per-click ad campaigns; this book lays out the various approaches with clear “hour-a-day strategies” for improving results* Drawing on their years of experience as successful search engine optimization (SEO) consultants, the authors provide readers with detailed, practical, and often surprisingly simple techniques for bringing targeted traffic to Web sites* Presents strategies for setting SEO goals as well as developing and implementing an SEO strategy that can include both free and paid efforts* Provides key tools for monitoring trends, measuring the competition, and tracking SEO results There are several ways to influence search engine results ranging from optimizing web sites to instituting pay-per-click ad campaigns. This book lays out the various approaches with clear ‘hour-a-day’ strategies for improving results.

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ISBN-10 0471787531
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Author Gradiva Couzin, Jennifer Grappone
Number Of Pages 336 pages
Format Paperback
Publication Date 2006-06-13
Language English
Publisher Wiley & Sons, Incorporated, John
Publication Year 2006

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Copyright Date 2006
Illustrated Yes

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Table Of Content
Introduction.Part I Foundation.Chapter 1 Clarify Your Goals.What Is SEO?Do I Need to Perform SEO for My Website?What Are the Overall Goals of My Business?What Function Does My Website Serve?How Is My Website Connecting with the Goals of My Business?The SEO You Have, Not the One You Want.Some Interim Solutions.Who Do I Want to Visit My Website?What Do I Want Visitors to Do on My Website?Which Pages Do I Most Want My Website Visitors to See?How Will I Measure the Success of This SEO Campaign?Tracking Lets You Drop the Duds.Tracking Will Help You Keep Your Job.Tracking Helps You Stay Up-to-Date.Chapter 2 Customize Your Approach.It’s Your SEO Plan.B2B.B2C.Large Organization.Small Organization.Brick-and-Mortar.Blogger.Nonprofit.Chapter 3 Eternal Truths of SEO.Robots Deliver.Search Results Are Blended.Directories.Pay-Per-Click.Site Feeds.Meta Search Engines.Algorithms Change.Humans Are Smart-Computers Aren’t.Text Matters.Keyword Selection Is Key.It’s Not Just about Rank.Ranks Change.A Holistic Approach Helps.Search Engines Don’t Like Tricks.SEO Is Not Brain Surgery.Chapter 4 How the Search Engines Work Right Now.In Pursuit of Right Now.Google Basics.The Best of the Rest: Yahoo!, MSN, AOL, Ask.Yahoo!MSN.AOL.Ask.Organic Ranking Factors.Paid Placement.Pay-per-Click Advertising.Paid Inclusion.SEO Trendspotting.Part II Strategy.Chapter 5 Get Your Team on Board.The Challenge of SEO Team Building.Marketing, Sales, and Public Relations.Marketing: VIPs of SEO.Selling SEO to Sales.SEO and Public Relations Can Relate.IT, Webmasters, and Programmers.Communicating with IT.The IT Workload Conundrum.How SEO Benefits IT.Graphic Designers.Value Graphics.Educate and Empower.Make It Official.Writers and Editors.Executives and Product Managers.Chapter 6 Your One-Month Prep: Baseline and Keywords.Your SEO Idea Bank.Week 1: Keywords.Monday: Your Keyword Gut Check.Tuesday: Resources to Expand and Enhance the List.Wednesday Keyword Data Tools.Thursday: Keyword Data Gathering.Friday: Your Short List.Week 2: Baseline Assessment.Monday: Conversions.Tuesday: Ranks.Wednesday: Indexed Pages.Thursday: Inbound Links.Friday: Site Assessment.Week 3: Competition.Monday: Identify Your Top Five Competitors.Tuesday: Snooping Tools and Techniques.Wednesday: Assess On-Page Factors.Thursday: Assess Off-Page Factors.Friday: Paid Competition.Week 4: Baseline Monthly Report.Monday: Keywords, Landing Pages, and Competition.Tuesday: Site Visibility.Wednesday: Conversions and Red Flags.Thursday: Personalize.Friday: Quick Reference.Part III Your SEO Plan.Chapter 7 Month One: Kick It into Gear.Week 1: Basic Site Optimization.Monday: Page Titles.Tuesday: Meta Tags.Wednesday: Robot Walk-Through.Thursday: Site Text.Friday: Implementation.Week 2: Link Building.Monday: Your Existing Links.Tuesday: Submit to Directories.Wednesday: Surf for More Link Opportunities.Thursday: The Art of Link Letters.Friday: Submittals and E-mails.Week 3: Set Up Your PPC Account.Monday: Study Hall.Tuesday: Prep Your PPC Keywords.Wednesday: Write Your Ad Text.Thursday: Enter Your Data into the PPC System.Friday: Turn On Your PPC Campaign.Week 4: Visibility Check and Monthly Reporting.Monday: Check Organic Status.Tuesday: Check Links.Wednesday: Check Conversions.Thursday: Monitor PPC Ads.Friday: Actio

“With straightforward candor, the authors remind everyone SEO isn’t brain surgery. A well-rounded, left- and right-brain approach to successful SEO.”–P.J. Fusco, ClickZ Network, New to the sometimes confusing and seemingly arcane world of making search engine friendly web sites? A new book offers a systematic, common-sense approach to the art and science of SEO. “Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day” by Jennifer Grappone and Gradiva Couzin is written for anyone who has a web site and has yet to embark on the time-consuming process of optimizing the site for search engines. Both authors are experienced SEOs, and the book reflects the systematic approach they’ve developed whenever working with a new client. Refreshingly, this approach focuses not only on technical tactics, but also on the reasons why SEO is important beyond just achieving high rankings in search engine results–things like business goals, creating appealing marketing messages and designing human-usable web sites. The book also avoids SEO techniques du jour, the kinds of tactics that are hotly debated in forums and that may or may not have any effect on your overall success. Rather, the book focuses on a solid, fundamental approach using time-tested techniques that work regardless of seemingly arbitrary algorithmic changes by the search engines. The book is also very well written, using SEO-specific jargon only when necessary and always making sure to introduce new terms in clear English (there’s also an excellent glossary at the end of the book). The first part of the book focuses on an area many newcomers totally neglect, often to their detriment: laying an effective foundation for your SEO efforts. You need to clarify your goals and really have an understanding of the fundamentals of how search engines work and what types of SEO activities do (and don’t) work beforeplunging in to your work. And for anyone that works in an organization, the next key step is to create a strategy that works with your existing marketing, information technology, sales and other groups to make sure your SEO efforts support the overall goals of the entire team. Part two of the book focuses on developing this strategy, and also offers suggestions on working with other groups and selling them on the importance of effective SEO. Only when this important groundwork has been established should you begin the actual work of keyword selection and optimization, link building and so on. That’s the focus of part three–developing and implementing a comprehensive SEO plan for your web site. This section takes a common-sense approach breaking the search engine optimization efforts for your web site into a 12-week process, and as the subtitle implies, dedicating an hour a day during this period to a specific goal-based task. The authors provide useful tools for managing this process, in the form of spreadsheet-based worksheets to help you plan and organize your various tasks. Again, the emphasis is on providing simple but effective tools that someone new to the process can use. That said, these worksheets are truly useful, and you may find them becoming integral parts of your overall SEO toolkit. Throughout the book the authors offer useful tips as asides. “Pearls of wisdom” tips are obviously tactics gleaned from experience, while “slacker” tips are great for letting you know when you can get away with less work or when you shouldn’t obsess over a certain activity. There are also longer case studies and expert opinions from other well-known SEOs such as AaronWall and Patricia Fusco scattered throughout the book. In all, “Search Engine Optimization: An Hour a Day” is an excellent overview of SEO and provides solid advice and guidance for anyone just getting started. The book is also useful if you’ve done SEO in the past but haven’t kept up with the current state of search engines and the kinds of SEO techniques that work today (and want to know what to avoid to stay out of trouble). (“,” July 6th, 2006) “With straightforward candor, the authors remind everyone SEO isn’t brain surgery. A well-rou


Price : 5.50

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